The Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Business (CISB) is an interdisciplinary platform that promotes research in the area of corporate sustainability and innovation and enables groundbreaking dialogue between academia and industry. The center aims to bring about a noticeable change in the economy and society by turning visionary ideas into practical solutions.

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Sustainability permeates all facets of our lives — from maintaining ecological balances to ensuring social justice and effective corporate governance. The need to address this issue is inevitable.

Despite growing awareness of the urgency of sustainable action, change is not being driven fast enough. One reason is the limited exchange between industry and research. Sustainable solutions require a holistic approach that seamlessly transfers scientific findings into business practices.

Exchange between research and industry opens up significant opportunities for the development of new ideas that generate a lasting impact. The synergy between scientific findings and business practice has the potential to create groundbreaking solutions. By bringing these two worlds closer together, the CISB is opening up innovative ways to drive positive change together and accelerate progress.


The CISB promotes initiatives in the areas of sustainability, innovation, and entrepreneurship. There is a focus on five research topics.

Sustainable food security and food quality

Health across all age groups

Sustainable social consumption and production patterns

Protecting and maintaining terrestrial ecosystems

Sustainability of owner-managed companies


The Foundation is committed to two main areas: supporting researchers and establishing an interface between research work and business and society.

Funding for researchers
The CISB funds innovative research projects by nominating talented researchers and supporting them with study grants. The funded projects have high quality standards and a holistic approach to sustainability in common. In addition to financial support, researchers gain access to a top-class network.

Establishing an exchange platform
The foundation creates a unique platform that enables dialogue between researchers, industry, and society. The interdisciplinary network meets regularly to exchange ideas. Various formats, such as round tables and signature events, rotate geographically and promote global networking in the process.

Researchers have the opportunity to present their projects, discuss commercialization opportunities with renowned business representatives, and gain fresh impetus for their research. At the same time, it enables entrepreneurs to access the latest research findings and apply them to their business activities.