The CISB brings together visionaries, creatives, and experts from various discipline sand countries. Interdisciplinarity opens up new perspectives and inspires innovative ideas. The platform brings together renowned professors, talented researchers, established business leaders, and representatives of popular culture. Together, they strive to contribute to sustainable change in the economy and society.

By cooperating with renowned universities, the CISB gains insights into the latest research activities. As a result, up-and-coming research talents can be identified and supported in a targeted manner.

Voices from the network

“Thanks to funding from the CISB Foundation, we are able to combine food production and nutrition science on a scientifically sound basis. In this way, we are creating the basis for developing more sustainable and healthier meat alternatives.”
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Mathys, Head of Sustainable Food Processing Laboratory, ETH Zurich, President Swiss Academy of Sciences National Committee of the International Union of Food Science and Technology IUFoST, Singapore-ETH Centre Lead Principial Investigator - Urban Microalgae-Based Protein Production
Image: ETH Zurich - Giulia Marthaler
«We are aiming to build a new field - the theory and practice of systemic investing to solve social and environmental challenges. CISB's support is essential to building our research team and participating in an emerging global conversation.»
Jason Jay, Senior Lecturer, Director, MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative