Influence of alternative proteins on sustainable flexitarian diets

The article by Ashley Green, Alexander Mathys, Canxi Chen, et al. comments on the current role of future foods within sustainable, flexitarian diets.

The way future food is produced varies greatly, leading to different results in terms of sustainability. The high variability of nutrient levels in future foods also leads to challenges in classifying them into a healthy diet. In summary: “Future Foods” could help promote environmentally friendly and adapted diets. However, further needs assessments are needed to understand, classify and finally implement them.


The Role of Alternative Proteins and Future Foods in Sustainable and Contextually-Adapted Flexitarian Diets

Ashley Green, Christoph Oliver Blattmann, Canxi Chen and Alexander Mathy;Trends in Food Science & Technology, vol. 124, pp. 250-258, Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2022.

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